11 (Tue) A1 A2 A3 A4 B1,2,3
13:45-15:15     Digital Archives SP session I  
15:30-17:00     New Teaching, New Methods SP session II  
17:15-18:45     Modelling and Metadata Panel: Confronting Challenges in Marking Up Pre-modern East Asian Documents  
13 (Thu)  
9:00-10:30 Proposals and Recommendations TEI as a Tool and Method for Analysis     Panel: Facilitating the Dissemination of TEI-based Digital Resources in Japan: As Early-Career Researchers from Tokyo Digital History
10:45-12:15 People, Persons, and Prosopography Editing and Analysis     SP session III
13:15-14:45 Encoding Etymology, Liturgy, and Festivals Encoding: Newspapers, Commentaries, and Manuscripts     Panel: Implementing TEI to Japanese Modern Texts
14:55-16:25 Lexicography and Language Panel: Whither TEI Publisher?      


[11 Sep (Tue) 13:45-15:15] LP Session I (Room A3)
Digital Archives / Piotr Banski, Chair
Encoding for Black Lives: Affordances and Challenges of TEI for Liberatory Archives
Jessica H. Lu, Raffaele Viglianti
REED:London and CWRC: the Digital Ecology of the Records of Early English Drama Project Integrating with Canadian Writing Research Collaboratory
James Cummings, Diane Jakacki, Susan Brown, Kimberley Martin, Carolyn Black
Bibliotheques françoises as a Virtual Workshop for the Literary History of Early Modern France
Toshinori Uetani, Guillaume Porte, Mathieu Duboc, Sandrine Breuil
[11 Sep (Tue) 13:45-15:15] SP Session I (Room A4)
Short Paper Session I Kazuhiro Okada, Chair
The Italian Reception of the English Novel: A Digital Enquiry on Eighteenth Century Literary Journalism
Andrea Penso
The Future of TEI and Events: The Case of a Register for Early Modern Sermons
Thomas W Dabbs
Oral Literatures and Oral Musics: Their Analyzes and Interpretations Developed through the Use of TEI and MEI Encodings
Sylvaine Leblond Martin, Henri Hudrisier, Mokhtar Ben Henda
Nineteenth-Century Knowledge Project
Peter Melville Logan
Encoding the Graphic Elements in Picasso's Poetry
Luis Meneses, Enrique Mallen


[11 Sep (Tue) 15:30-17:00] LP Session II  (Room A3)
New Teaching, New Methods / Thomas Dabbs, Chair
New Developments in the Guidelines: the att.linguistic Class
Piotr Bański, Susanne Haaf, Martin Mueller, Andreas Witt
Using the TEI in Training and Research as an Institutional Strategy towards a DH Competence Center
Anne Baillot, François Vignale
“Examples Work More Forcibly on the Mind than Precepts” – Expanding and Improving the Use of Examples by the TEI Guidelines
James Cummings


[11 Sep (Tue) 15:30-17:00] SP Session II (Room A4)
Short Paper Session II / Michelle Dalmau, Chair
Historical Social Networks in Chinese Buddhism
Marcus Bingenheimer
Complex manuscript texts as prototypes for the construction of a source-edition environment: the case of philosophical glosses
Emmanuelle Kuhry
Francophone Diaries in the 19th Century Russia: a TEI Encoded Edition and Corpus
Alexei Lavrentiev, Michèle Debrenne, Nina Panina, Dmitry Dolgushin, Andrey Borodikhin
Guido Parato’s Health Treaty : a TEI Edition on the TXM Platform
Alexei Lavrentiev, Elena Markova
Publication and Usage of TEI Data in UTokyo Digital Archives Development Project
Satoru Nakamura


[11 Sep (Tue) 17:15-18:45] LP Session III (Room A3)
Modelling and Metadata / Syd Bauman, Chair
TEI Reclassified
Hugh Cayless
Modelling Authentication
Sean Michael Winslow
Tei-Meta: a Tool for Editing Metadata in TEI - Application to Oral Language Research Purposes
Christophe Parisse, Carole Etienne, Loïc Liégeois


[11 Sep (Tue) 17:15-18:45] Panel Session I (Room A4)
Confronting Challenges in Marking Up Pre-modern East Asian Documents
Chair/Discussant: Marcus Bingenheimer; Duncan Paterson; Martin Holmes; Organizer: Hanna McGaughey


[13 Sep (Thu) 9:00-10:30] LP Session IV  (Room A1)
Proposals and Recommendations / Elli Mylonas, Chair
Using ODD for HTML
Martin Holmes
From File Interoperability to Service Interoperability: the Distributed Text Services
Bridget May Almas, Hugh Cayless, Thibault Clérice, Vincent Jolivet, Emmanuelle Morlock, Jonathan Robie, James Tauber, Jeffrey C Witt, Pietro Liuzzo
TEI-Lex0 Etym – Towards Terse Recommendations for the Encoding of Etymological Information
Jack Bowers, Axel Herold, Laurent Romary


[13 Sep (Thu) 9:00-10:30] LP Session V  (Room A2)
TEI as a Tool and Method for Analysis / Martina Scholger, Chair
Shakespeare and the Enumeration of Semantic Universals
Brian L. Pytlik Zillig, Mary K. Bolin
TEI Processing Model - Beyond Books by Dead White Men
Magdalena Turska, Wolfgang Meier
Hierarchies Made to Be Broken: A Standoff Approach to the Frankenstein Bicentennial Variorum Edition
Elisa Eileen Beshero-Bondar, Raffaele Viglianti


[13 Sep (Thu) 9:00-10:30] Panel Session II (Room B1,2,3)
Facilitating the Dissemination of TEI-based Digital Resources in Japan: As Early-Career Researchers from Tokyo Digital History
Naoki Kokaze, Soki Oda, Boyoung Kim, Natsuko Saji


[13 Sep (Thu) 10:45-12:15] LP Session VI (Room A1)
People, Persons, and Prosopography / Kathryn Tomasek, Chair
TEI, the Walt Whitman Archive, and the Test of Time
Brett Barney
World Wide Women: TEI Prosopography and Global Genealogy in Digital Dinah Craik
Karen Bourrier and Kailey Fukushima
Prosopography and Typological Analysis: Data Mining Allgemeine Deutsche Biographie
Tao Wang


[13 Sep (Thu) 10:45-12:15] LP Session VII (Room A2)
Editing and Analysis / Yuta Hashimoto, Chair
Genetic Encoding: A Reassessment with Lessons from the Faust Edition
Gerrit Brüning
Métopes + TXM: Integrating Text Publishing and Text Analysis Tools Based on TEI Encoding
Alexei Lavrentiev, Charles Bourdot, Serge Heiden
Quotes, Paraphrases, and Allusions: Text-reuse in Sanskrit Commentaries and How to Encode it
Patrick McAllister


[13 Sep (Thu) 10:45-12:15] SP Session III (Room B1,2,3)
Short Paper Session III / Charles Muller, Chair
On Global, Formal Languages, and the Others
Susanna Allés-Torrent, Mitsunori Ogihara
On Structuralism and the Predictive Attribution of Type
Vinayak Das Gupta
Encoding GeoJSON Geometries in TEI
Martin Holmes
Automatically Encoding Encyclopedic-like Resources in TEI
Mohamed Khemakhem, Laurent Romary, Simon Gabay, Hervé Bohbot, Francesca Frontini, Giancarlo Luxardo


[13 Sep (Thu) 13:15-14:45] LP Session VIII (Room A1)
Encoding, Etymology, Liturgy, and Festivals / Sabine Seifert, Chair
Encoding Mixtepec-Mixtec Etymology in TEI
Jack Bowers, Laurent Romary
Encoding Liturgy - From the Haggadah to a General Schema
Yael Netzer, Sinai Rusinek, Andrew Irving, Clemens Leonhard
Documentation and Digitisation of Festival in Pelu Awofeso’s White Lagos: A Definitive and Visual Guide to the Eyo Festival
Felix B. Oke


[13 Sep (Thu) 13:15-14:45] LP Session IX  (Room A2)
Encoding: Newspapers, Commentaries, and Manuscripts / Raffaele Viglianti, Chair
Creating a Digital Newspaper Collection in Dialogue with its Users
Dario Kampkaspar, Claudia Resch
How to Encode the Tibetan Commentaries on the Abhidharmasamuccaya
Koichi Takahashi, Hiroshi Nemoto
Beta maṣāḥǝft: Encoding Ethiopic Manuscripts in TEI
Pietro Maria Liuzzo


[13 Sep (Thu) 13:15-14:45] Panel Session III (Room B1,2,3)
Implementing TEI to Japanese Modern Texts
Yu Okubo, Yoko Mabuchi and Kiyonori Nagasaki


[13 Sep (Thu) 14:55-16:25] LP Session X (Room A1)
Lexicography and Language / Sara Stanley, Chair
The TEI in Real-Time Lexicography: The Digital Dictionary of Buddhism and CJKV-E Dictionary after 32 Years
A. Charles Muller
TEI Metadata for Japanese Materials in the Cambridge University Library and How to Apply TEI for Higher Education
Zengxian Li
TEI Lex-0: A Target Format for TEI-Encoded Dictionaries and Lexical Resources
Laurent Romary, Toma Tasovac


[13 Sep (Thu) 14:55-16:25] Panel Session IV (Room A2)
Whither TEI Publisher?
Magdalena Turska, Wolfgang Meier